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When planning a trip to Cusco, Peru, one of the key considerations for tourists is whether to purchase the Cusco Boleto Turistico, also known as the Cusco Tourist Ticket. This ticket grants access to various attractions in and around Cusco, making it an appealing option for visitors.

In this blog post, we will delve into the features, benefits, and limitations of the Cusco Tourist Ticket to help you determine whether it is worth buying.

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Cusco Tourist Ticket

Cusco Tourist Ticket 


Understanding the Cusco Boleto Turistico

The Cusco Boleto Turistico, or Cusco Tourist Ticket, is a popular option for tourists visiting the Cusco region in Peru.

It is a comprehensive ticket that grants access to a variety of attractions, including archaeological sites, museums, and cultural centers.

Understanding the ticket types and their coverage is crucial to make the most of your visit to Cusco.

Let’s explore the Full Ticket and Partial Ticket in more detail:

  • Full Ticket

The Full Ticket provides access to a wider range of attractions, including some of the most iconic sites in the region. (We will discuss all attractions covered by the Full Ticket in the section).

The Full Ticket is valid for ten consecutive days, starting from the date of purchase

It is important to note that the Full Ticket does not cover the entrance to Machu Picchu.

  • Partial Ticket

The Partial Ticket can be a more cost-effective option if you have limited time or specific preferences. The Partial Ticket grants access to a selection of attractions. (We will cover all the attractions covered by the Partial Ticket in the next section).

The Partial Ticket is valid for one or two days, depending on the option chosen. Consider your travel itinerary and the time you plan to spend exploring Cusco when deciding which ticket duration is most suitable for you

Similar to the Full Ticket, the Partial Ticket does not include entry to Machu Picchu.

GOOD TO KNOW: Some of the most impressive sites, including Sacsayhuaman, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero do not sell individual entrance tickets. They can only be visited by purchasing Cusco Boleto Turistico.

PRO TIP: It is essential to remember that Machu Picchu has its separate entrance ticket, which needs to be purchased independently.

To visit Machu Picchu, you must obtain a separate entrance ticket through the official website or authorized ticket vendors. Please be aware that Machu Picchu has its own entry requirements, regulations, and visitor limits.


Attractions Covered by Full Cusco Tourist Ticket

Cusco Boleto Turistico Integral (Full Ticket) is valid for 10 consecutive days and allows admission to the following 16 sites:

  • Sacsayhuaman
  • Qenqo
  • Tambomachay
  • Puca Pucara
  • Pisaq
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Chinchero
  • Inca Pachacutec Monument
  • Tipón
  • Pikillacta
  • Moray
  • Qosqo Native Art Center (Cusco)
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (Cusco)
  • Qorikancha Museum (Cusco)
  • Regional History Museum ((Cusco)
  • Folk Art Museum (Cusco)

GOOD TO KNOW:  Cusco Boleto Turistico Integral is nonrenewable and it allows entrance to each site only once.

Cusco Boleto Turistico costs 130 soles. Students 25 years and under carrying an ISIC ID and children can buy the Student Ticket for 70 soles.


Attractions Covered by Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket

If you are short on time, you should look into buying Cusco Boleto Turistico Parcial.

There are three different options available:


The Circuit I ticket is valid for 1 day. It allows admission to the following archaeological sites:

  • Sacsayhuaman
  • Qènqo
  • Tambomachay
  • Puca Pucara


Circuit II ticket is valid for 2 days. This ticket allows entry to the attractions of interest located in the historic center of the city of Cusco, which are:

  • Regional History Museum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Folk Art Museum
  • Qoriqancha Museum
  • Qosoqo Native Art Center
  • Inca Pachacutec Monument


  • Tipon
  • Piquillaqta

Both Tipon and Piquillaqta are located in the southern part of the Sacred Valley.


Circuit III ticket is valid for 2 days. This ticket allows admission to archaeological sites located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas:

Each Cusco Boleto Turistico Parcial costs 70 soles.


Where Can You Buy Cusco Tourist Ticket

  • You can purchase Cusco Tourist Ticket at Gallerias Turisticas located next to Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

Following is the address: Av El Sol 103, Tourist Galleries, Of. 10.

It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and Sundays/Holidays from 8 am to 1 pm.

  • In addition, there is another location in Cusco where you can purchase the tickets.

Here are the details: DIRCETUR Tourist Office located at 117 Portal Mantas, one block from the Plaza de Armas.

The office is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

  • Furthermore, you can purchase tickets at some of the sites. I bought my ticket at the first site I visited, which was Sacsayhuaman.

GOOD TO KNOW: Be prepared to pay with cash only.


Which Popular Sites Are Not Covered by Cusco Tourist Ticket

Cusco Boleto Turistico is not valid for entrance into some of Cusco´s frequently visited sites such as:

  • Cusco Cathedral – the entrance ticket is 25 soles for adults and 12.50 soles for children.
  • Santo Domingo Church (Coricancha) – the entrance ticket costs 15 soles.
  • In addition, Cusco Boleto Turistico does not cover the entrance to Maras Salt Mines, which I recommend you put on your list of places to visit in Sacred Valley. The entrance ticket is 10 soles.

Intrepid Scout's Tips for Cusco Tourist Ticket

  • If you are on a budget and short on time, then, hands down, buy Cusco Boleto Turistico Parcial Circuit III. It is valid for 2 days and covers the entrance to Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray. And, by the way, if you get a taxi or a private car/driver you will be able to cover all these sites in one day.
  • If you have a few days to explore Sacred Valley, then go ahead and purchase Cusco Boleto Turistico Integral. Spend a day exploring Cusco and places around Cusco, and then venture out and check out more places in Sacred Valley.

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